Moving to Byron from abroad?

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Purchasing Property From Overseas Has Never Been Easier.

Packing up your life is stressful even when you do not have to find the right house in the right
neighbourhood in a small town thousands of kilometres away.

These guides offer valuable information about all of Australia`s major cities, and each one highlights the neighbourhoods and amenities valued by immigrants, students, and investors from a particular country.

If you are interested in learning about the laws governing foreign investment in residential real estate, please visit

Foreign buyers in Australia require permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board. Any foreigner wishing to purchase a property without a residency permit can buy new developments, anything off-plan, or vacant land with board approval to build.

For this transaction you will need a lawyer, Liam can put you on to a lawyer that is familiar with this process.

Stamp duty is a government tax and also payable on a property purchase. It varies by state and is based on a sliding scale depending on the purchase price, as your real estate agent, Liam will be able to provide you with more information about this.
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