About Byron Bay

Byron Bay is nestled alongside surf beaches and is famous for its trademark lighthouse and lush rainforests.

Byron Bay

Vibrant seaside village famous for it’s authenticity, bohemian culture and creativity.

Byron Bay is located on the easternmost edge of Australia. If you’ve visited before, you’ll know why it’s one of Australia’s most beloved holiday destinations.

The seaside village is nestled alongside popular surf beaches and pristine blue waters and is famous for its trademark lighthouse and lush rainforests. The town is a haven for colourful and vibrant locals and tourists who flock to the area for its authentic bohemian style and eclectic social scene.

Byron Bay’s friendly village atmosphere comes from a breathtaking natural landscape, an eclectic mixture of people from around the world, a unique culture with elements of beach life, alternative healing, the creative arts and outdoor adventure.
Byron Beach
Byron’s majestic headland is a perfect place to watch the annual migration of the humpback whales and it gives a spectacular view of a sunset over the Nightcap Ranges. The beaches and bays of Byron range from tiny, secluded places to take a plunge, through to world class surf breaks where you can line up for an unforgettable wave. Scuba diving buffs are taken aback by the incredible diving options off Julian Rocks, which is part of the recently established Cape Byron Marine Park just a few minutes drive off the main beach of Byron Bay.

Whatever you’re looking for, Byron Bay offers a colour mix of beach culture, nature and a delicious mix of vibrant eateries that will delight the senses and offer a unique experience that has seen Byron Bay be one of the most popular tourist haunts for both domestic and international travelers for decades.